• Compensation of 1-year’s salary to the spouse of COVID victims
  • Insurance policy of Rs. 10 lakhs against COVID fatalities for families of employees
  • Uninterrupted education upto graduation level for children, due to death of employees including COVID victim
  • A special COVID bonus of 3% for the year ended March 31st 202

Mumbai, 20th May 2021: Biostadt India Limited, a leading company in the agriculture, aquaculture and
biostimulants sector, has rolled out special COVID care compensations for its employees across India. During
these trying times, human lives have seen more hardship to last a lifetime. As a company with a mission to serve
the farming community and with people at the heart of its business culture, Biostadt has announced these
important initiatives for the benefit of the employees and their families.

Biostadt believes it has a duty to stand by its employees especially during times of hardship. This could be
physical, mental or even emotional challenges, at which time, the support of family and loved ones is paramount.
Enabling close to 800 employees across the country, Biostadt offers the spouse of a COVID victim a full one
year’s salary to assist in whatever emergencies they may have. Additionally, the company has also taken out a
COVID Insurance policy to the extent of Rs. 10 lakhs, for all employees resulting in COVID related fatalities. Due
to the loss of a parent or sole earning member of the family, children should not lose out on any educational
opportunities. Keeping this in mind, Biostadt will also be taking care of direct educational expenses of all the
children of the deceased upto their graduation levels. As a gesture of good faith, the company also gave a
COVID special bonus of 3% for the year ended March 31st 2021 to all employees.

Mr. Juzar Khorakiwala: Chairman and Managing Director said, “Uncertainties are life’s constant and we are in
unprecedented times. This pandemic has made life unpredictable, placing unknown challenges in our midst. At
Biostadt, our people are our strength and it is a privilege and commitment to be there for our employees in their
toughest hours. The sudden and untimely loss of a family member is undoubtedly the most difficult to bear and
we mourn their loss as an organization and as a family. As a humble gesture, we are offering these
compensations to help them in a small way during this time. ”

Established in 2003, Biostadt India Limited is a diversified agrochemical organization which has been
empowering the agricultural sector in India and across the globe. The company has reached a turnover of INR
1000 crores in 2021. As market leaders and with a ground presence in biologicals, crop protection chemicals,
aquaculture inputs, hybrid seeds, custom manufacturing, and international operations, Biostadt provides the
farming community with superlative and research based products that enhance and ensure good quality yield.