Award for Aqua Healthcare Division

Aqua International Awards 2015

We are indeed very proud and pleased to inform all of you that Biostadt has once again added another feather in its cap.! Our Aqua Healthcare division has been presented with two of the prestigious awards at Aquaculture CEO Forum India, 2015 conducted by Aqua International, held at Hyderabad.

  • Best Aquaculture Healthcare Product Supplier Award 2015
  • Best Aquaculture Scientist Award 2015 – Dr. Partha Bandyopadhyay

Biostadt India Ltd. has always been at the forefront and the first corporate house to develop products suitable for Aquaculture from the year 1993. Over the years, Biostadt has built up a strong reputation of being a company, focused on top quality and innovative product solutions for the challenges being faced in this segment.

With its vast Distributor & Retailer network, Research based High Quality Aqua Inputs and above all a professional Marketing and Sales Team, it was obviously the first choice of the jury to be recognized as Best Aquaculture Healthcare Product Supplier Award amongst a host of nominations in this category!

Dr. Partha Bandyopadhyay with his Ph. D in Probiotics has significantly contributed in the field of Aquatic Microbial Environment and fish microbial immunology. In 2009, Dr. Bandyopadhyay formulated a new mineral molecule which is now No. 1 brand in India and Vietnam. Dr. Bandyopadhyay was awarded Junior Scientist of the year 2003. He became Honorary Fellow at Society for Sciences and Society of Life Sciences. He was acclaimed as the Environmentalist of the Year in 2004, Scientist of Year in 2008 and has more than 100 national and international publications.