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The International Business of Biostadt India Ltd. has grown from strength to strength. A marked rise in its stature can be attributed to its single focus on plant growth stimulants, Bio-pesticides and Aqua culture inputs.


We in Biostadt believe in sustainable farming and thereby provide environmentally safe, biological and biotechnology-based products. A sparkling example of our success are our products like Wokozim, Halt, Clinzex, Environ AC, Mizuphor etc., that are established in the markets of Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe. Some of our products are being successfully adopted in various IPM & IRM projects, Internationally. Today, we are proud to market our products in more than 15 countries.


We are pleased to announce that Indian Customs certified Biostadt India Limited with "Authorized Economic Operator-T1 Certificate” in its Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program under CBEC Circular Number 33/2016-Customs, dated 22/01/2016. "Authorized Economic Operator-T1 Certificate” is valid till 15/05/2021.


To add more weight in the international arena, our company has three main subsidiaries namely:
  • Biostadt Philippines Inc., Manila that started with one product in 1996 and today markets more than 15 products through manpower of 50 sales persons and an extensive countrywide distribution network.
  • VinhThinh Biostadt, has ceaselessly built and developed a strong distribution channel at the central, south-east and Mekong delta. These include distributors, the 1st level retailers, the 2nd level retailers and farms. This strong distribution channel ensures that VTB could provide the best service and technical assistance to the farmers and receive information & feedback from our customers so as to make improvement consistently.
  • Biostadt Thailand, the latest addition to Biostadt subsidiary, meets the increasing demand for our products in Thailand and its neighbor countries.



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