GroWell Techniques

The basic objective of GroWell Techniques with brand Name HiTone is to enter in the broad of urban Floriculture and Horticulture market. It has been observed that Urban India is transforming and is moving towards green living. In line with this a new segment is emerging for both indoor and outdoor planting and Home décor. More and more people are keeping indoor plants and spending a lot to take care of them. Similarly all the new housing societies and buildings have mandatory norm of green plants & garden around it. Every town is having Gardens and greater emphasis is being given to maintain them. The elite people in Metros are now spending more time in their farm houses and they wish to maintain them and spend a lot on their second home. Of late the organic farming and roof top farming has also gained momentum in select urban high class people. Greeting people with flowers is our old traditions and of late greater emphasis is being given to keep the flowers fresh for longer period of time. Here comes the opportunity for cut flowers.

The Segments

  • Indoor Plant Décor
  • Urban Kitchen Garden
  • Roof farming
  • Farm Houses
  • Housing Societies
  • Urban Nurseries
  • Lawns
  • Golf Courses
  • Play Grounds/stadium
  • Highways
  • Cut Flower Markets (Bulk & Retail)



   Plant Growth Stimulant Granules