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Oshin 20 SG


Trade Name Oshin 20 SG
Chemical Name Dinotefuran 200g/KG



  • Oshin 20 SG


Physio Chemical Properties:
Target Pests Crops
Brand Name Oshin 20 SG
Active Ingredient Dinotefuran: 200 g/kg
Inert Ingredient: 800 g/kg
Formulation Soluble Granules
General Information :
Oshin 20 SG acts as an effective contact-stomach poison to control various insect pests of mango. It has a good residual foliar activity and has a low hazard to mammals. In mango spray OSHIN 20 SG solution to a point when spray start to drip, start spraying when infestation appears at a volume of 100 liters for effective control of insect pests. Oshin 20 SG is toxic bees. Avoid application when mangoes are in full bloom.
Direction for Use:
Crop Pest Dosage
in gm per 16L water
in gm per 100L water
Mango Mango hopper 1.0-2.0 6.25 -12.5
  • It is a unique and new molecule which has a systemic action and translaminar action.
  • It is also a broad spectrum insecticide.
  • Effective on insect resistant to organophosphate, carbamate and/or pyrethroid compound as well as sensitive ones.
  • Low toxicity against mammalian, birds and aquatic organisms.
  • Low resurgence possibility
  • Low phytotoxicity
  • An innovative Japanese product (Mitsui Chemicals Agro Inc.) that is highly effective in controlling several insect pests

  • Its high solubility made it highly systemic with translaminar action

  • It is very effective especially against resistant insect pests

  • It is also ideal for your rainy season pest control management

  • Though very efficient in controlling insect pests, it still has favourable toxicological property on humans and animals compared to other

  • Has long residual action that provides longer protection, reducing the number of spray application
  • Application dose is very low but still have very good control even if applied alone unlike other hopper killers
  • Environment friendly product when used in accordance with its label imposes no danger on human, animals and on aquatic life
  • Safe Japanese product and residue is well within stringent norms of developed countries.


Used In Following Countries:

  • Philippines



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