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Dartriz 4G


Trade Name Dartriz 4G
Common Name Cartap hydrochloride 4% Gr



  • Dartriz


Physio Chemical Properties:

Trade name Dartriz
Common name Cartap hydrochloride
Chemical Name S,S'-[-2(dimethylamino) trimethylene]-bis(thiocarbamate) hydrochloride
Empirical Formula C7H16ClN3O2S2
Molecular weight 273.81
Physical state (Tech) A white crystalline solid with slight odour
Melting point (Tech) 179 - 181oC (decomp.)
Solubility Soluble in water.
Very slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol.
Insoluble in acetone, diethyl ether, ethyl acetate, chloroform,
benzene and n-hexane.
Chemical Reactivity Stable in acidic conditions but hydrolyzed in neutral or alkaline solution.
Hygroscopicity Slightly hygroscopic
Volatility Negligible volatility
Solubility Acute Oral (LD50  for rats(male)) is 325 mg/Kg
Acute Oral (LD50  for rats(female)) is 345 mg/Kg
Mode of Action:

Systemic insecticide with Stomach and Contact action.

  • It has a quite different mode of action from that of other insecticides. .
  • It is effective against insects mining in plants by its systemic action.
  • It can control insects resistant to other insecticides.
  • It has almost no effect on natural enemies of insect pests.
  • It is practically nontoxic to mammals.
  • It has a long persistent efficacy.
  • It can control almost all stage of insects.
Method of Application:

Dartriz 4G

  • The 1st application of Dartriz 4G should be as Prophylactic application at 15 - 25 DAT.
  • The 2nd application should be at 45 - 55 DAT on need based in 4 - 5cm of standing water.
Symptoms and treatment of poisoning
Nausea, trembling of extremities and body, salivation, spasms, dyspnea and mydriasis.
First Aid:
Should symptoms of poisoning occur due to accidental swallowing or any other reason, induce vomiting or wash the contaminated area with soap and water.
An intravenous injection of 100 ~ 200 mg of L-cysteine or an intramuscular injection of 20 ~ 60mg of BAL (dimercaprol or 2,3-dimercapto propanol) are recommended.
Recommendations & Suggested Uses:
Recommendations of Dartriz 4G
Crop Insect Pests Dose/Acre
Rice Rice stem borer, Leaf folder and whorl maggot 7.5 to 10 kg


Suggested use of Dartriz 4G
Found to be very effective against early shoot borer of sugar cane
Recommendations of Dartriz 50SP
Crop Insect Pests Dose/Acre
Rice Rice stem borer and Leaf folder 0.75 to 1gm in 1lt of water
(dose-200 to 250gm per acre)
Suggested use of Dartriz 50SP
Crop Major Pests Dilution In Water
Brinjal Fruit & Shoot borer and Leaf miner 0.75 to 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Cabbage & Cauliflower Diamond back moth & Aphids 0.75 to 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Onion Onion Thrips 0.75 to 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Tomato Tomato Thrips & Fruit borer 0.75 to 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Potato Colorado beetle, Potato black cutworm 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Tea Thrips, Leaf roller and Leaf hopper 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Citrus Citrus Leaf miner 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Grape Thrips & Leaf hopper 1 gm in 1 lt of water
Chillies Chilli Thrips and Fruit borer 1 gm in 1 lt of water


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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