Hybrid Seeds


Nandi Seeds Private Limited - Cultivating Success

Biostadt India Limited has acquired entire seeds business of New Nandi Seeds Corporation in July 2013, a Gujarat based company head quartered at Ahmedabad, which is now 100% subsidiary of Biostadt India Limited.


Biostadt Hi-Q Nandi Seeds believes to strive for farmers' delight by providing quality seeds through superior genetics, innovation to overcome climatic change for sustainable agriculture. We produce and sell wide range of quality seed products of Bajra, Paddy, Castor, Mustard, Cumin, etc. Due to our strategic focus on growth, today we are fastest Bajra growing company with the brand Nandi Bajra.


We have fully equipped modern seed processing unit in Jetalpur, Ahmedabad. This processing facility is registered with State Seeds Certification Agency.


We market our Bajra seed through Nandi Bajra brand which has now become a household name all throughout bajra growing states like Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


Our R&D has varied range of Hybrid & Research Seed Products in pipeline to mitigate geography based suitability and grain-fodder yield expectations of farmers in coming years.


We are fastest growing Bajra Company having different Pearl Millet Hybrid Seed products suitable for adverse climatic condition and high yielding in varying growing condition. We market our Bajra through Nandi Bajra brand which has now become a household name all throughout bajra growing states like Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Our Nandi Bajra hybrids are known for its high grain and fodder yields, lodging resistant coupled with high tolerance to water stress condition and various crop diseases. Nandi Bajra hybrids are available for both summer and rainy seasons.




We are engaged in breeding, development, production and marketing of high quality hybrid and research rice seeds. After Bajra, Company has its major focus on producing new Hybrid paddy varieties having better yield & quality rice performance. Our existing set of products suitable for different locations all across India based on duration of paddy crop.




Castor is one of the major crop grown in Gujarat & Rajasthan. We have wide range of certified castor varieties & having very good presence in certified castor seed as Nandi Castor Brand. Now our main focus will be to produce & develop market for Research castor segment.



We develop and sell corn hybrids which are high yielding, fit for water stress conditions, disease tolerance and good standability. We have corn products having wide adaptability under varied agro-climatic conditions. We have maize as a next strategic crop followed by Bajra & Mustard to develop and sell it all across corn growing area.



Mustard is very important oil seed crop of India majorly grown in Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat & West UP. We produce and sell wide range of mustard seeds, which gives significantly higher yields and oil percentage compared to other mustard varieties.



Nandi Cumin has great market value due to quality cumin seed been distributed in Gujarat & Rajasthan Market. Based on response of farmers' feedback on Nandi Cumin & distributors adherence to Nandi Cumin quality we are committed to provide good quality Cumin seeds.