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Demand Generation


Intensified Nandi Demand Generation Activities during Post Kharif’21

Nandi has intensified its demand generation activities as part of our strategic goal to double the turnover in two years by reaching the maximum number of farmers and retailers through different engagement initiatives. 

Product Differentiation Activities (PDA’s):

Product differentiation is a process used by businesses to distinguish a product or service from other similar competitor’s product in the market. This is the most influencing field promotion activity where we convince farmers with the method “Seeing is believing” where conversion ratio of farmer to sales is 60% to 80%. This Kharif season is very good in terms of performance of our products in the field. This is a major activity to tap end customers looking towards the upcoming season and next year's Kharif season. In this activity majority we can convert other competitor’s customers towards our brand and also we can retain maximum number of customers. This year we are planning to conduct 2500 PDA’s activities in our working area and through this activity we can approximately reach up to 60K plus farmers. As in this season we are having additional benefits due to the extended crop period due to natural reasons. Parallel with PDA on millets we are also conducting at the same time Mustard & Cumin Preseasonal Sales activity (PSAs).  

Retailers Crop Tour:

Apart from PDA’s other important activity is Retailers Crop Tour. We are planning to involve 1000 key retailers during field activities. From each territory 30 retailers will be there in a crop tour. These retailers are the major business partners contributing around 70% of the business volumes.  This will be a major influencing activity for trade where we motivate trade partners about Nandi products.

Field to market:

“Field to market”- as it’s not possible for every farmer, trade partner to reach Nandi Crop products field, we are taking the field into the market through this activity. In this concept majority we perform two activities:

Earhead display at the counter of shop- This will help us to show our earhead features in the market to all customers who are coming for Agri inputs purchase.

Plant display at the counter of shop- We display our millet plants at the retail-distributor counter, where they can see Earhead, Earhead compactness, number of tillers etc. all features of our product.