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Wokozim Granules


Trade Name Wokozim Granules



  • Wokozim Granules


Bio-Organic Granulated Stimulant


Active Ingredient:

Ascophyllum nodusom extract +Plant & Animal origin products

Product Features:

  • Improves seedling recovery and plant growth.
  • Enhances soil condition.
  • Develops plant immune system to face pests, diseases and adverese weather conditions.
  • Increases potential yield with better quality and shelflife.
  • WOKOZIM the lone Bio-organic stimulant with more than two decades of respected existence in the Philippines and trusted in over 20 countries around the world.

  • WOKOZIM is an innovation in biotechnology research that is non-toxic, organic, storehouse of naturally occurring plant growth nutrients derived from seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, with a special fermentation process mastered by Biostadt.

  • WOKOZIM stimulates the crop growth by providing nutritional support to the plant at all critical stages and also ensure that plant can benefit fully from following fertilizer application by maximizing the uptake and utilization of essential inputs.

  • In the Philippines, Wokozim is available in different formulations. Wokozim Granules which can be applied with fertilizers through basal, broadcast, or side-dress application for all of your crops. Wokozim Yield Booster is the liquid formulation ideal for spray application. Maxigrain is the special formulation for your grain crops such as rice, corn, etc. Lastly, Wokozim Mango + which is designed to improved the quality and quantity of your mangoes.


Mode of Action:

  • Stimulates shoot formation and branching, cell division for root tip growth.
  • Reduces aging of the plants.
  • Ensures continuous flow of photosyntates for better yield.
  • Increases production of insecticidal compounds like oxidant alkaloids that helps to repel insect pests.
  • Improves soil microbial activity.
  • Induces faster and vigorous root mass development.
  • Improves uptake of nutrients and water from soil.
  • Deep root growth that ensure plants to cope with environmental stress.
  • Reduces the intensity of oxidation reaction that limits the stress on the plant.


  • Vigorous seedling growth
  • Reduces transplanting shock by providing stress defence, faster establishment and recovery
  • Robust and stronger plants
  • Profuse primary and secondary root development
  • Increased soil microbial activity
  • Compatible to "Tipid Abono” Technology
  • Provides essential micro-elements for healthy development
  • Reduces flower and fruit drops
  • Helps plants to withstand stress during adverse conditions
  • Helps in development of fruits with vigour
  • Increase number of fruit pickings resulting to more yield
  • Improves quality and appearance of the fruits for better market acceptance
  • Provides essential micro-elements for healthy development
  • Provides healthy and vigorous crops
  • Improves establishment of flowers and panicles
  • Increases the total weight of grains by assuring well-filled grains
  • Enhances storage quality
  • Enhances tolerance to stress condition
  • Provides essential micro-elements for healthy development
  • Prevents flower drops
  • Maximum fruiting and fruit retention
  • Accelerate recovery from stress caused by adverse climatic conditions and diseases/pest damage due to Betains
  • Higher fruit weight and top quality fruits with enhanced shelf life
  • Regular use improves tree health and sustained productivity
  • Provides essential micro-elements for healthy development
  • Stimulates shoot formation and branching cell division for root tip growth. Reduces aging of the grasses. Improves soil microbial activity. Induces faster and vigorous root mass development

Label Claims:

All crops – 1 kg / 400-500 sq.m.; 2-4 bags per ha.

Packaging Sizes:

1 kg pack, 10 kg bag.


Used In Following Countries:

  • Philippines



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