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Nanozim Proseed


Trade Name Nanozim Proseed



  • Nanozim Proseed

Exclusive formulation for Seed treatment

Nanozim Proseed is an Advanced Technology Formula developed by extensive research on different crops by R&D centre of InGene Organics. Nanozim Proseed contains nutrients and active growth supplements derived from nutrient rich arctic marine plants.

Nanozim Proseed naturally enhances seeds’ ability to grow vigorously to give seeds & seedlings a faster start & stronger finish.

Why do we need Nanozim Proseed?
  • Untreated seeds require higher seed rate
  • Late and uneven germination
  • Low plant population
  • Uneven plant vigour
  • Untreated seed results in higher damage of seed
Features & Benefits:
  • Faster & uniform Germination
  • Stronger shoot base and larger root mass
  • More efficient uptake of nutrients by seedling hence healthy nursery
  • Better yield with improved quality and higher productivity
  • Lesser cost
Application method of Nanozim Proseed:

It can be applied as seed coating, transplant solution, set dipping prior to sowing. Steps to be followed:

  1. 1.  Fill a bucket half full of seeds/sets.
  2. 2.  Apply half of recommended dose of Nanozim Proseed.
  3. 3.  Stir strongly.
  4. 4.  Fill the bucket with remaining seed.
  5. 5.  Apply the balance of Nanozim Proseed and stir it strongly.
  6. 6.  Dry the seeds before sowing.
Dosage and Dilution:

Field trials under differential soil and climatic conditions have proved that Nanozim Proseed enhances potential of seeds significantly when applied as per standard recommended dosage:

Crops Dose (gm/kg of seeds) Application Method
Leafy & Fruiting Vegetables 5-7 gm/kg of seeds Seed Coat
Cotton, Paddy, Wheat 3-5 gm/kg of seeds Seed Coat
Green Peas, Red Gram, Pigeonpea, Chickpea 3-5 gm/kg of seeds Seed Coat
Groundnut, Sunflower, Onion 3-5 gm/kg of seeds Seed Coat
Potato, Sugarcane 0.5 to 1 gm/lit of water Set Dipping for 15-20 min
Ginger, Turmeric 1-2 gm/lit of water Set Dipping for 15-20 min
Transplanted Crops 1-2 gm/100 ml of water Root Dipping for 15-20 min

*Recommended in Fruits (Apple, Grapes etc.) to break dormancy and initiate bud sprouting (based on internal research)

Active Ingredients in Nanozim Proseed:
TSS containing Marine Plant (Ascopyllum nodosum) extract, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Inorganic salts and other inherent nutrients contained in products of vegetable and animal origin 32% w/w min
Associated manufacturing derivatives, preservatives, stablizers and diluents 68% w/w max
Total 100% w/w


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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