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Max Grow Granules


Trade Name Max Grow Granules
Common Name Silicabased Granules



  • MaxGrow Granules

Introduction :

Max Grow Granules is a novel sea weed extract based granules that naturally empowers the crops potential to deliver outstanding results & superior yield. It is specially formulated to help crop to overcome stress for balance growth of the plants. The highly nutritious sea weed extract helps the crop to boost the yield of the crop.

Why Max Grow Granules?

Max Grow Granules is innovative triple action formula which provides a complete diet to the crop/plant.

  • More powerful bio-stimulant

    Max Grow Granules is a unique, highly nutritious bio-stimulant with a powerful blend of Seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum extract, Organic nitrogen, Proteins, Amino acid, Humic acid, Carbohydrates, Potassium, Magnessium, Calcium, Silica and traces of Auxins, Cytokinins, Enzymes, Betaines, Vitamins, etc.

  • Instant/Fast acting formula

    Max Grow Granules is silica based formulation. Fine particle size of Silica base helps to dissolve easily, when it comes in contact with soil moisture. The nutrients are made quickly available to the plants. Max Grow Granules performs well even in low moisture, ensuring optimal feeding for longer time with good nutrient use efficiency.

  • Uniform round shape granules

    Uniform round shape of Max Grow Granules are free flow & dust free, which helps in easy mixing & application with other chemical fertilizers, manually as well as mechanically. This improves fertilizer uptake & use efficiency.

Besides these, Max Grow Granules also helps-
  1. 1. To improve defense mechanism against pests and diseases
  2. 2. To improve soil microbial activity
  3. 3. To restore healthy balance of soil
How Max Grow Granules is Superior?
Formulation Technolgy
  • Max Grow Granules is a new innovative technology based formulation

  • Highly nutritious complex formula enriched with seaweed extract, micro-nutrients, amino acids, humic acid, etc.
  • Overall development of plant
  • Dust Free
  • Fine particle size of Silica helps to dissolve easily in water
  • Uniform shape of granules
  • Easy to mix & apply with other fertilizers
  • Effective performance in even less moisture

Max Grow Granules comes in very good attractive pack of Milk Can, which can be re-used.

Dosage & Application:

4 Kg per Acre, Apply alongwith other chemical fertilizers

For fruit crops, apply 100-250 g per plant twice in a year depending on age of the plant


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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