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BT Biozyme Liquid


Trade Name BT Biozyme Liquid
Common Name Seaweed Based



  • BT Biozyme Liquid



Biozyme group of products are known in India and abroad for their superior quality and assured performance. Since last fifteen years, cotton growing farmers in India are consistently using Biozyme for improving the yield and quality of their cotton crop. Drawing from the positive experiences of Bt cotton cultivation, farmers in India are fast adopting Bt cotton. In order to cater the demanding nutritional needs of Bt cotton grown by these progressive farmers, Biostadt has come up with BT Biozyme - A product specially developed for Bt cotton.

It is now well accepted that yield as well as the nutritional requirements of Bt cotton are higher compared to non-Bt hybrid cotton. Bt cotton crop grows vigorously and retention of early fruiting bodies is very high due to inherent protection (Bt gene) against bollworm attack. It is observed that the flower and boll load is higher in Bt cotton. It is also said that high level of nutrients in plant help to improve Bt gene efficacy. Because of these reasons, the nutritional requirement of Bt cotton comparatively grows up. The crop requires additional nutrition apart from the normal fertilizer application practices. To meet this "Additional Nutrition requirement" of Bt cotton, BIOSTADT presents BT Biozyme.

What is BT Biozyme?

BT Biozyme is innovation in Biotechnology Research. It is a unique formula produced by mixing animal and vegetable products in scientifically controlled conditions to give the optimum output in cotton crop.

Benefits of using BT Biozyme on Bt Cotton:
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Better utilization of inherent and applied nutrition
  • Reduction in flower & boll drop
  • Accelerated sympodial (fruiting) branching
  • Better Bt gene expression
  • Profuse primary, secondary & tertiary root development
  • Improved plant vigor
  • Uniform and increased boll size
  • Increased drought tolerance and disease resistance
  • Higher yield and improved quality of lint
Method of Application:
  • BT Biozyme Granules: As basal dose/first fertilizer application @ 8-16 kg/acre.
  • BT Biozyme Liquid: As a foliar spray at the dosage of 200 ml per acre in dilution with 150-200 liters of water.
Stages of Application:
First Application - 6-8 leaves stage
Second Application - Flowering stage Boll
Third Application - development stage
  • BT Biozyme Granules: 8 kg & 48 kg.
  • BT Biozyme Liquid: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 lt & 5 lt.



Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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