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Trade Name Zymaq
Chemical Name Seaweed extract



  • Zymaq


Maximizing production can only be achieved through successful manipulation of available resources that influence the productivity of various aquaculture systems.

Algal bloom plays vital role in aquaculture as the shrimp survival rate, their health, clean water & pond bottom soil quality & stability of the bloom. It is often said by the experts that "good stable algal bloom keeps away 50% of the problems in the pond management practices".

Being microorganisms and single cell body structure, it needs continuous and adequate nutrient supply for the survival, the moment nutrient supply breaks it will die (general algal crash) and settles at the pond bottom and causes pond bottom pollution.

If the pond bottom soil is fertile and enriched with adequate nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, the mineralization cycle is on and the constant and continuous supply of nutrients to the water column where algae survives.

Because of the conventional pond management practices and deliberate usage of strong chemicals to disinfectant the pond water and soil, unknowingly the farmer is making his pond bottom soil infertile.

Traditionally, usage of synthetic/ organic fertilizers for algal bloom development is a most common practice amongst the majority of the aquaculture farmers, where generation of good algae and stabilizing the same is very time taking procedure. Many farmers do stocking without proper algal bloom which not only affects the survival rate of the shrimp but also the survived ones in many ways.

Problems usually associated with Nutrient Management in Shrimp culture:
  • Poor algal Bloom.
  • Plankton Crash/Dead Algae.
  • High Transparency.
  • Weak growth.
Major Reasons:
  • Poor Nutrient management in the Pond system.
  • Under fertilization or Over fertilization with Inorganic Fertilizers.
  • High transparency of the intake water.
  • Poor soil fertility and Lack of nutritional support.
What is ZYMAQTM?

ZYMAQTM is a biotechnological innovation in biofertilizer production techniques developed and mastered by BIOSTADT. Product is manufactured through a high tech fermentation process through lactobacilli to yield ready to use granular bio-fertilizer for water and soil application respectively. This unique biotech process helps in ensuring richness of free vital elements for faster absorption by the Diatoms and Phytoplankton on application.


ZYMAQTM is an eco-friendly, non toxic, non chemical, organic, storehouse of naturally occurring substance with primary and secondary nutrients. These substances induce faster and vigorous development of Diatoms and Phytoplankton that in turn give natural plankton bloom which acts as a primary food for the shrimp post larvae. Soil microbe activity also gets a boost through this ZYMAQTM application.


A biotechnological research product based on sea weed extract naturally enriched with enzyme precursors, primary and secondary micronutrients through high-tech fermentation process.

  • Easy and direct application.
  • Boosts beneficial soil microbe activity.
  • Helps in developing a healthy and stable plankton Bloom.
  • Solution for Plankton bloom.
  • Induce faster and vigorous development of Diatoms and Phytoplankton.
  • Eco-Friendly, Organic and non-toxic and cost effectiveness alternative for bloom development.
Dosage and Application:

10 kg/Ha.

Broadcast directly to the Pond water either mixing with sand or separately during the morning hours.

Storage and Caution:

Keep in cool and dry place.


5 kg HDPE nylon bag.



Used In Following Countries:

  • India
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam



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