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Trade Name Wockcee
Chemical Name Phosphate base Vit C



  • Wockcee


The Weighty Advantage

Biostadt brings WOCKCEETM the latest in vitamin C - with "Poly-phosphate" base - offering advantages of quality, highest stability, and bio-availability meeting the international standards.

WOCKCEETM is practically insoluble in water because of its unique composition.WOCKCEETM is a well appreciated and proven source of stable, bioavailable and superior source of vitamin C


Frequency of disease occurrence has grown exponentially in the aquaculture sector, and is currently responsible for heavy losses since 1994. Environmental stress, poor pond management and inadequate nutrition coupled with substandard raw materials, together account for the increased frequency in disease. Of the key inputs into pond eco-system, feed or feed nutrition is perhaps the simplest way to rectify the disease occurrence1.

The growing importance of micronutrients in increasing animal resistance to disease and environmental stress have been well documented2,3. The non-specific immune system plays a critical role in the protection of organisms against infectious disease, which are major causes of mortality in commercial culture, where the spread of disease is rapid.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is water soluble, highly sensitive to light and heat, which easily oxidizes into an inactive form as - diketogulonic acid. At present, various vitamin C forms available in the market are either fat coated or mono-phosphate/sulphate derived forms of vitamin C which are poor in stability due to their solubility in water, prawns and fish are not able to absorb4.

Recent studies indicated L-ascorbic acid derivatives with sulphate and phosphate moieties at the unstable C-2 position in the lactone ring are highly resistant to oxidation and have vitamin C activity in prawn and fish. Studies also revealed that the phosphate derivatives are superior to the sulphate derivatives as regard to bioactivity and stability3,5.

Why vitamin C is so important as feed supplement?

Prawn and fish depend upon an exogenous dietary source of vitamin C because vitamin C cannot be synthesized in the body of prawn and fish due to the lack of enzyme L-gulonolactone oxidase (responsible for in vivo synthesis of vitamin C).

Ascorbic acid is a vital co-factor in the hydroxylation of proline to hydroxyproline - a precursor of collagen (the structural support tissue). A deficiency of ascorbic acid therefore results in an impaired collagen metabolism1, 6.

Vitamin C deficiency results in:

  • Reduced growth rate and poor feed conversion.
  • Deformed gill column due to decrease in Calcium absorption resulting in skeletal deformities.
  • Slow wound healing.
  • Without sufficient ascorbic acid in diet, penaeid prawns die of "black death" (melanised and hemorrhagic lesions throughout collagenous tissue.
  • Reduced or incomplete moulting frequency6.
  • Reduced resistance to stress, high mortality, disease2.

WOCKCEETM  is a new, highly stable, digestable form of vitamin C as a feed ingredient, which is readily absorbed by shrimp and fish.

WOCKCEETM  is a beige, spray dried powder consisting of a stabilized (phosporylated) Na/Ca salt of L-ascorbic acid. The highly reactive C-2 carbon atom of ascorbic acid is esterified with phosphate and thus protected from destruction by oxidation.

WOCKCEETM  contains a combination of ascorbyl-2-mono-, di- and triphoshates in a practically constant ratio. This guarantees a consistent chemical and physical product quality.

The experimental evidence7 has been confirmed by in-vivo tests demonstrated that the stability of WOCKCEETM is very high when compared to other vitamin C forms, desired results can be obtained by adding recommended amounts of material.

WOCKCEETM - A new generation Vitamin C for Aquaculture:
Comparative efficiency of WOCKCEETM (AscorbylPoly-phosphate) on the body weight in shrimp.

  • NV - No Vitamin C
  • VM - Vitamin monophosphate
  • AS - Ascorbyl sulphate
  • APP - Ascorbyl poly-phosphate

WOCKCEETM Coated ascorbic acid Encapsulated Ascorbic acid.


Sodium calcium L-ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate


Recommended Supplementation:

Normal condition * 1.0 g/Kg of feed
Under stress condition 2.0 g/Kg of feed
Fish 0.5 g/Kg of feed

* amounts should be increased by 30% for fry and brood stock


WOCKCEETM should be thoroughly mixed with feed as per the recommended doses along with binders. 
WOCKCEETM can be used regularly in morning/evening feed under normal conditions.

  • Provides stable and bio-available vitamin C.
  • Improves survival rate.
  • Accelerates growth.
  • Improves food convertion ratio (FCR).
  • Increases body weight.
  • Helps in skeleton formation through the absorption and utilisation of calcium by gills, bones, muscles and skin - the major sites of Ca uptake and storage.
  • Facilitates tissue repair and wound healing - supplementation of higher than normal level of vitamin C increases resistance to infection and fast wound healing.
  • Strengthens host defense mechanism by increasing resistance to: Stress, High mortality, Disease.
Dosage and Application:

Dosage and application can be adjusted based on conditions prevailing in pond and prawn health or as per the advice of Aquaculture experts.

Storage and Caution:

Store in a cool dark place.


500 gm HDPE bottle.


WOCKCEETM is specially produced for use as a stabilized source of vitamin C in feed. It is fairly stable to air if protected from humidity and heat. The product may be used for atleast 18 months from the date of production when stored in the un opened original container and at cool temperatures. The best used before date is stated on the label. After the container has been opened the content should not be stored for longer period.



Used In Following Countries:

  • India
  • Philippines
  • Tanzania



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