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Trade Name Mizuphor
Chemical Name Iodophor



  • Mizuphor


MIZUPHORTM makes the difference Iodine has been long recognized as an effective disinfectant. However, it is true that traditional form of iodine has many advantages like being toxic and irritating tio live forms, besides leaving stains on the body.

By virtue of modern science iodine has been transformed into Iodophor - which refers to combination of iodine with solubilizing and emulsifying agents (for slow release of iodine) and surfactant (having detergent properties), thereby taking care of the disadvantages of conventional forms of iodine.

It is proven that MIZUPHORTM has essential concentration of stable and bio-available iodine. It is a new generation iodine product available in a complex and buffered form. Iodine is released in a controlled manner when MIZUPHORTM is diluted in water.

Though Iodophor is hard on target it is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining to the shrimps because of proper combination of speciality ingredients in it.

Unlike conventional forms of iodine, Iodophor is stable under normal conditions of storage and is effective in cold as well as hard water. Due to its anti-microbial action MIZUPHORTMcures external infection and effectively controls bacterial pathogens like Pseudomonas spps., Vibrio spps., Aeromonas spps., etc., fungal pathogens like Fusarium, Lagenedium, Pythium etc., protozoans like Zoothamnium, Vorticella etc. and viruses like Baculovirus.


Alklyl aryl polyoxyethylene iodine complex which provides essential PLUS 10% iodine along with buffering and emulsifying agents.

  • MIZUPHORTM cures swollen gills, red gills, tail rot, broken appendages in shrimp/prawn.
  • MIZUPHORTM controls bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan pathogens.
  • MIZUPHORTM provides a highly concentrated, stable & bio-available form of essential iodine.
  • MIZUPHORTM protects the shrimp/prawn from secondary infection in case of wounds caused by external damages.
  • MIZUPHORTM is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-staining to the shrimp/prawn.
  • MIZUPHORTM specially made for aquaculture, provides a conducive environment for growth to the shrimp/prawn.
Dosage and Application:

Shrimp/Prawn ponds: 2-3 litres/ha (1 meter water depth).

Dilute required quantity of MIZUPHORTM in water outside the pond and spray uniformly throughout the pond.

Consult your field staff/your aquaculture specialist for specific usage and directions.

Storage and Caution:
  • Storage
    Do not use along with other alkalies, soaps and detergents. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin. If contacted, flush immediately with clean water.
  • Caution
    Store in cool dark place.

1 Litre bottle.



Used In Following Countries:

  • India
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam



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