The progress of humanity is deeply rooted in the progress of agriculture. At the heart of rural India reside our farmers, and it’s our commitment to lend them unwavering support through cutting-edge agricultural inputs and services. For over three decades, we’ve been instrumental in serving the farming community worldwide, and we develop personalised solutions that enable them to thrive. We are the industry leaders in biotechnology research-based agro inputs, backed by our high safety standards. Our extensive range of offerings includes crop care solutions, biofertilizers, hybrid seeds and aquaculture products. Our wide distribution network spans across 20 counties, and our 5 manufacturing units comprise of state of the art technology. Our dedicated workforce of over 2,000 employees and our experienced group of scientists constantly strive towards researching, innovating and developing quality products that are used around the globe. Through a shared sense of purpose, we strive to play an integral role in the sustainable growth of the world’s agricultural landscape, because we believe that agriculture cultivates life.



With a deep sense of responsibility, we strive to create positive change that reverberates through farming communities and the environment.


By nurturing long-lasting partnerships and sustainable agricultural practices, we aim to cultivate a brighter and more prosperous future for all.


We believe in fulfilling the aspirations of farmers worldover by enabling them with quality inputs and services that cultivate certainty.


We empower farmers by providing them with knowledge, resources, and innovative tools to enhance productivity.


At Biostadt, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, innovation, and sustainability, and our certificates serve as a testament to our dedication. Our integrated management system ensures the highest quality and supports sustainable development. We are proud holders of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications; and our significant achievements include reducing greenhouse emissions, water consumption, and non-renewable resource usage without compromising on quality.