Technology has transformed 21stcentury into a smart world. The fundamental need for food and challenge of feeding an ever-growing population has driven a faster adoption of revolutionary technologies in modern agriculture.


It has opened a new era in crop nutrition, in which Seaweed science has made a significant difference. Unique Seaweeds of Northern Atlantic Ocean are miracle of nature with treasure of nutritious elements.


At Biostadt a cutting edge in-house Lacto-fermentation Technology is used for extraction of nutritious elements in highly Specialized Production facilities. The unique nutrient rich Seaweedis subjected to go through enzymatic hydrolysis in specialized hi-tech fermenters. In this process enzymes and metabolites are released and hydrolysis of proteins takes place which makes formulation enriched and makes essential elements available in free forms, which induces fast free flow absorption by crops.

Highly experienced trained microbiologists & plant experts analyze the content of extract and ensure the best in class fermentation and formulation technology to augment the power of Seaweed.

BILT – isa proven next gen technology. It has been giving unmatched smart nutrition solution for high quality farm produce over last 3 decades. Globally BILT is mastered only by Biostadt India Ltd.

BILT is the unique technology prowess which has givenus an edge over competitors. Millions of farmers have trusted BILT technology in India & beyond. Our BILT powered products are also tested recommended by renowned agricultural universities in India.

BILT – Biostadt Induced Lacto-fermentation Technology - a miracle of Agricultural Science for a food secure smart world!