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Biostadt India Limited

Biostadt India Limited



Biostadt India Ltd. believes that 'the growth of India is directly related to the growth of the rural areas'. Farmers being the central focus of rural India, it becomes necessary to give them a helping hand by providing them with top-of-the-line agricultural inputs and services.

With this as their core initiative, Biostadt India Limited has been serving the farming community for over two decades. An impressive track record takes forward its strategy to head the leading position in the Biotechnology research-based agro inputs. This strategy has been further supported with safer and specialty chemical pesticides. The tremendous growth in the business in a span of just 6 years (from INR 100 crores in 2007 to INR 400+ crores in 2013) has itself created a story to talk about.

Now, Biostadt India Limited is firmly positioned to address the emerging local and global challenges. We help in providing the farmers not just customized products but customized solutions, developing and evaluating products and processes for improving their satisfaction.

Our extensive high-quality product range that includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hybrid seeds, aqua products and farm services, further supports this goal. We offer amongst the best list of farm protection and associated products in India.



   Plant Growth Stimulant Granules


   Plant Growth Stimulant Liquids


   Plant Growth Stimulant Speciality


Crop Protection










Aquaculture Inputs


   Sanitizer / Disinfectants


   Adsorbant / Deodorisers / Oxygen Generators


   Probiotics (Soil/Water/Feed)


   Feed Additives


   Fish Stimulants




   Aqua Super Specialties


   Fish Hormone


Hybrid Seeds


   Hybrid Bajra


   Hybrid Paddy


   Research Paddy


   Certified Castor


   Research Castor


   Hybrid Corn


   Research Mustard


   Research Cumin


Corporate Office


Biostadt India Limited

Poonam Chambers,
'A' Wing, 6th Floor,
Dr. A. B. Road, Worli,
Mumbai - 400 018, India.
Tel: +91-22-6652 0520

Fax: +91-22-6652 0521


Manufacturing Units


Biostadt India Limited

Survey no.95/2, Malanka Road,
PO. Tagadi, TQ. Ghogha, Bhavnagar - 364110, India.



Biostadt India Limited

Plot No. 248, Pai ki 2,
At Post Thordi,, Bhavanagar - 364110, India.



Biostadt India Limited

B-33, M.I.D.C, Waluj,
Aurangabad, Waluj - 431 136, India.



Biostadt India Limited

SIDCO Industrial Complex,
Lane-III, Bari Brahmana, Jammu - 181 133, India.