Objectives & Core Area of Operations


  • To provide a single window integrated service through the BAC to farmers and the rural population, which address their Core needs of Human Health Care, Animal Health Care and Farm Care.
  • To provide the farm productivity by integrating the farmer's self reliance, scientific advice and advanced farm technologies.
  • To generate value added benefits for farmers by providing better and professional animal care.
  • To provide for the basic human medical care needs of farmers and the micro environment for a better and healthy life.


Core Area of Operations:


The three core areas that the Biostadt Aastha Clinic propose to concentrate on are:


Healthcare Facilities


The BAC seeks to provide quality primary health care to the rural population. The availability of qualified medical practitioners and staff will ensure the total well being of the farmer and his family.


Scientific Farming Practices - Agriculture & Aquaculture


The BAC seeks to educate farmers through group programs and personalized counseling. These programs will update the farmers on the latest innovations in farm technology and provide solutions for prophylactic remedial Crop Care & Aqua Care. The BAC will serve as a nodal centre for guidance on the Where, When and How of marketing the Farm produce for maximum returns.


Improving Quality of Livestock


Most farmers keep livestock in herds of 2 to 8 animals, and consider it as a secondary source of income. The BAC seeks to improve the quality, health and life span of livestock by providing quality training and services on better feed strategies and allied aspects by veterinary specialists.