Biostadt Aastha Clinic (BAC) is a commercially viable Rural Departmental & Service Mega Stores initiated by Biostadt India Ltd. These clinics are opened in partnership agreement with young & dynamic rural entrepreneurs, acted as franchisee for the clinic.


The aim of starting the BAC is to intensify Biostadt's efforts in the rural community. A detailed study of the problems faced by the farmers revealed a crying need for initiatives in the fields of Health Care (Human and Animal) and Farm Care.


The Biostadt Aastha Clinics (BAC) are committed towards working for the welfare of the farming community by providing professional services for farm care, human health care & animal health care along with all necessary input & technology. The BAC will provide overall care and thereby facilitate better productivity in terms of farm yields which means prosperity for the farm community.


With the help of our growing network of associates of the BAC and member farmers, we strive to address every issue related to the total well-being of our farmers, their livestock & farm produce.




Our Existing BACs