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Stop 10 EC


Trade Name Stop 10 EC
Common Name Alphamethrin 10%EC



  • Stop 10 EC


Physio Chemical Properties:

Trade name Stop 10 EC
Common name Alphamethrin
Chemical Name [1a(S*),3a]-cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate
Molecular Formula C22H19Cl2NO3
Physical state (Tech) Liquid
Melting point (Tech) 200oC
Solubility Soluble in all organic solvents
Stability End product is stable for 2 years if stored under proper conditions
Toxicity Acute Oral (LD50 for rats) is 79 - 400 mg/Kg body weight
Acute Dermal (LD50 for rabbits) is > 2000 mg/Kg body weight
MPI for humans is 2950 mg/day/person
ADI for humans is 0.002 mg/Kg body weight/day
Mode of Action:

Stop 10 EC exhibits a contact and stomach action. It mainly acts on the nervous systems of the target pests due to which it gives a quick knockdown action. It also exhibits ovicidal action.

  • Being broad spectrum it affords control over all carterpillar pests.
  • It has a quick knockdown action.
  • It exhibits ovicidal action.
  • It remains effective for longer duration and therefore gives protection for a longer time.
  • Highly economical.
Method of Application:

Stop 10 EC can be applied as a foliar spray solution at a recommended dose of 250 ml per hectare.

Preparation for Spray Solution:

Take a small quantity of water in a container and dissolve required quantity of Stop 10 ECin it. Stir this solution properly and mix it with the remaining quantity of water. The volume of total water required will depend on crop stage, crop cover, the total area to be treated and the type of sprayer used.

Spectrum of Action and Suggested Uses:
Crop Spectrum
Stop 10 EC can be effectively used on cotton, cereals and pulses, vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, tea and tobacco and other crops.

It is specifically recommended against Bollworm complex in cotton crop at a dose of 165-280 ml of formulation per hectare depending on crop stage and type of sprayer used.
  • Compatibility
    Stop 10 EC is compatible with all existing plant protection chemicals presently available in the market.
  • Phytotoxicity
    It is not phytotoxic on any crops if used at recommended doses.
  • Precautions and Antidotes
    Accidental ingestion should be avoided at all costs. Wear protective clothing while spraying. Wash hands and body after spraying. Do not eat or drink or smoke while spraying.
    If accidental poisoning occurs call physician immediately. Induce vomiting to clear stomach and prevent aspiration. Perform gastric lavage if symptoms reappear. Treat patient symptomatically.
  • Packaging
    Available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Litre Aluminium bottle packs.


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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