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Trade Name InCheck
Common Name Propineb 70% WP



  • InCheck


InCheck contains Propineb, a contact fungicide with broad spectrum activity against various diseases of rice, chilli, grapes, potato and other vegetables and fruits. Propineb is a polymeric zinc-containing dithiocarbamate. Due to the release of zinc, the application of Incheck results in greening effect on the crop and subsequent improvement in quality of produce.

Mode of Action:
  • Propineb interferes at different locations in the metabolism of the fungi; on several points of the respiration chain as also in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, in the cell membranes.
  • Prevents spore production and germ tube formation
  • This multi-site mode of action of Propineb prevents development of resistance in the fungi.
  • Incheck has broad spectrum of activity.
  • It has both, contact and preventive action.
  • As a result of its multi-site complex mode of action, Incheck is particularly suited for use in spraying programs to combat and prevent the selection of resistant population of fungal pathogen.
  • Superior formulation: fine particle size, better suspension in water.
  • Incheck’s Rainfastness leads to better efficacy.
  • Availability of zinc – positive effect on crop as a whole and improves immunity of plants resulting in higher yields and improvement in quality.
  • Safety: Being extremely low in toxicity, Incheck is ideally suited for IPM programs.
Dosage & Dilution:
Recommended Crops Diseases controlled Dosage/Hectare Water Dilution/Hectare
Apple Scab 0.30% or 300 gram/100 Lt. water 30
Pomegranate Leaf and fruit spots 0.30% or 300 gram/100 Lt. water 10
Potato Early & late blight 0.30% or 300 gram/100 Lt. water 15
Chilli Dieback 0.5% or 500 gram/100 Lt. water 10
Tomato Buck eye rot 0.30% or 300 gram/100 Lt. water 10
Grapes Downy Mildew 0.30% or 300 gram/100 Lt. water 40
Rice/Paddy Brown leaf spot 1500 to 2000 g


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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