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Trade Name Ignite
Common Name Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64%.(72% WP)



  • Ignite


Ignite is a unique fungicide formulation containing a mixture of the systemic fungicide, Metalaxyl and the contact fungicide Mancozeb , to provide an outstanding control of diseases caused by Oomycetes, which are serious plant pathogens. It ensures durable protection of target plants during the period of active growth from inside due to the systematic activity of Metalaxyl and from outside due to contact action of Mancozeb.

Mode of Action:
  • Ignite is mixture of two fungicides – Mancozeb and Metalaxyl.
  • The partner mancozeb acts by its contact action. Mancozeb is fungitoxic when exposed to air. It is converted to an isothiocyanate, which inactivates the sulphahydral (SH) groups in enzymes of fungi.
  • Sometimes the metals are exchanged between mancozeb and enzymes of fungi, thus causing disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning.
  • Other partner Metalaxyl inhibits protein synthesis, growth and reproduction in fungi.
  • Dual action, broad spectrum fungicide which controls diseases by its preventive as well as curative action. This unique combi – fungicide is a best tool for preventing and or delaying resistance development in fungal population of oomycetes. Specialty fungicide to control foliar as well as soil borne diseases caused by oomycetes fungi – Downy mildew, late blight, damping off, phytophthora rots etc.
  • Ignite can be used as seed treatment, foliar spray, nursery drench and in pre harvest sprays to manage post harvest diseases
  • Ignite shows rapid uptake and trans-location towards growing tips helps to protect the plant from oomycetes diseases for longer period of approximately 14 days
Dosage & Dilution:
Recommended Crops Diseases controlled Dosage/Hectare Water Dilution/Hectare
Grapes Downy mildew 0.25% 500-1000 lt.
Potato Late blight 0.25% or 2500 gm 500-1000 lt.
Black pepper Phytophthora foot rot 0.25% or 2500 gm 2 lt./vine as foliar spray or 3 lt./vine as soil drench
Mustard Downy mildew & White rust 0.25% or 2500 gm 1000 lt.
Chilli Damping Off 0.3% 2.0L/m2


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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