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Techzyme Granules


Trade Name Techzyme Granules
Chemical Name Seaweed based



  • Techzyme


Techzyme Granule is an approved input for organic agriculture derived from naturally nutrient rich Atlantic Ocean Seaweed.

Techzyme Granule is a natural food supplement for the plant which provides quality nutrient support to organically grown crops.

The ingredients contained in Techzyme Granule helps to reap superior quality and bumper yield, free from chemical residues.

  • Techzyme Granule is an approved input for organic agriculture certified by Ecocert one of the world’s leading organic certification agencies.
  • Techzyme Granule leaves no harmful chemical residue in soil.
  • TechzymeGranule offers organic nutrients in readily available form for faster assimilation.
  • Techzyme Granule increases the productivity of crops grown in organic farms in comparison to traditional methods of organic farming.
  • Techzyme Granule supply adequate nutrition to the crops at the critical stages to achieve maximum yield.
  • Techzyme Granule rapidly stimulate plant growth and development within days after initial application with vigorous root development and increased chlorophyll content leading to enhancement in yield and quality.
  • After application of Techzyme Granules, soil becomes organically rich.
  • Techzyme Granules enhances the activity of beneficial soil micro-organisms by acting as a substrate and leading to improved soil health and fertility
  • Techzyme Granule increases the resistance of crops to environmental stress conditions such as Drought, Pest & Diseases.
  • Commercial Crops: Cotton, Cumin, Opium, Jute, Sugarcane.
  • Field Crops: Rice, Wheat, Sorghum (Jowar), Bajra.
  • Plantations:Arecanut, Coconut, Coffee, Rubber, Tea, Mulberry , Cocoa.
  • Pulses: Red gram, Green Gram, Black gram, Horse gram, Bengal gram, Chick pea, Cow pea, Soybean.
  • Oil Seeds: Ground Nut, Castor, Linseed, Mustard, Safflower, Seasamum, Sunflower. Spices, Condiments, Narcotics : Black pepper, Cardamom, Coriander, Cumin, Garlic, Ginger, Tobacco, Turmeric.
  • Horticultural Crops: Apple, Banana, Citrus, Guava, Sapota, Mango, Peach, Apricot, Ber, Grapes, Cashew, Melons, Papaya, Plum, Pomegranate.
  • Vegetables: Chilies, Beans, Brinjal, Cucurbits, Okra, Onion, Pea, Potato, Sweet potato, Tomato, Cole crops (Cabbage, Cauliflower, Knol-Khol), Drum stick, spinach.
Method of Application:
Techzyme Granules should be applied @ 6 Kg for one acre i.e. 15 Kg per hectare for each application in the field crops. This should be uniformly broadcasted all over the field. For orchards TechzymeGranules should be applied @ 0.5- 1kg twice a year .


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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