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Hy-Zyme Drip


Trade Name Hy-Zyme Drip
Common Name Seaweed Based



  • Hy-Zyme Drip

Drip Irrigation - Need:
  • Only 43% land area is under agriculture, out of which only 29% area is under irrigation.
  • 88% of available water is used for agriculture.
  • Fertilizer consumption has increased many fold with the introduction of HYV.
  • Loss of Applied Nutrients through surface irrigation upto 40%.
  • Waterlogged and saline soils due to indiscriminate use of water/fertilizer.
    • 7 million ha. fertile land is affected.
  • Need to increase water use efficiency.
Micro Irrigation Technique and Fertigation:
  • Efficient water management technology with balance use of fertilizers.
  • Applies nutrient directly to the root zone.
  • Minimize the loss of water and applied nutrients.
  • Change in the cropping pattern, possible to grow commercial crops in fallow land.
Drip Irrigation - Advantage:
  • Uniform application of fertilizer nutrients.
  • Nutrient placement in root zone which improves availability of plant nutrient and it’s uptake.
  • It can be applied frequently as per stage/need of the crop.
  • Quick, Convenient and Cost-effective method.
  • Improves fertilizer use efficiency by 30-40%.
Principal Effects of Using Hy-Zyme Drip:
  • Cytokinins and Auxins contents of Hy-Zyme Drip increases cell division and elongation.
  • Stimulates the growth and activity of selective micro-organisms.
  • Hy-Zyme Drip energizes the plant metabolism.
  • Hy-Zyme Drip helps in quick and efficient use of translocated material.


Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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