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Trade Name Eco-Pro
Chemical Name Water probiotic



  • Eco-Pro

Probiotics for a clean shrimp pond.

Eco-ProTM is active in many conditions because microorganisms in Eco-ProTM belong to the non sulfur photosynthetic bacteria group. Those bacteria are diverged and grow very fast in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. They can convert organic wastes in water as well as in bottom soil.

Eco-ProTM cleans all of the pond water layers due to its unique combination bacteria grow very fast and grow well in all pond water layers, so it helps to solve pollution in aquaculture pond, maintain a good bloom and contributes as a natural food to reduce FCR.

The quality of product is ensured by specially developed fermentation process in which the bacteria that have been strictly screened grow on a selective substrate to obtain the best growth rate and activity when added to aquaculture pond.

Eco-ProTM bacteria show high acclimating capability to aquaculture environment. Eco-ProTM is produced in anaerobic condition, in which energy source is highly controlled light. The medium contains low reduced organic compounds. The fermentation is followed by an aerobic period to finalize the product. Therefore Eco-Pro™ is very suitable for aquaculture use.


Eco-ProTM contains a combination of Rhodopseudomonas palustris and some basic mediums.

  • Enhance decomposition of organic wastes.
  • Prevent forming of toxic gases like ammonia and sulfur hydrogen.
  • Develop and stabilize a good algal bloom.
  • Stabilize pH, helps in balancing ecology in the pond.
  • Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria by substrate competition through which diseases are minimized.
  • Works as a natural source of feed in early period of a season.
Dosage and Application:

10-20 Lit/Ha (Depending upon the pond condition, stocking density and days of culture)


Store in dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight



Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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