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Trade Name BioU
Chemical Name Liquid Yucca product



  • BioU


A Natural Bio-Degradable Ammonia Binder with Urease Inhibitor.


The usage of Yucca is wide spread in the scientific and intensive farming and it is largely driven by the cost efficiency factor. There exists a large unutilized market for such products in semi intensive shrimp culture segment. Currently, Yucca has a GRAS (Generally Recognizes as Safe) status in both US and Canada.

BioU™ is an all natural product containing extract of the desert Yucca plant (Yucca schidugera), known for its stability to bind gases including ammonia and hydrogen sulphide. Unlike most yucca products, BioU™ also contain enzymes and beneficial bacteria (Bacillus subtilis). Nothing is wasted when BioU™ taken, but everything is put to good use. It is completely unaffected by all antibiotic growth promoters and does not interfere with their use. BioU™ reduce ammonia and H2S gas levels in "aquaculture ponds". Solids in slurry are broken down more quickly because the sarsaponin in BioU™ increases beneficial bacteria. A surprising spin-off to this activity in the sludge is that sarsaponin also seems to act as a natural growth promoter, possibly by conditioning the absorbent cells in the gut and/or by reducing surface tension at the point of absorption.


BioU™ contains natural extracts of Yucca plant (Yucca schidigera), ammonia binding agents, digestive enzymes and encapsulated beneficial bacteria.

  • Binds noxious gases, particularly ammonia.
  • Accelerates the breakdown of organic waste.
  • Enhances the intestinal enzyme system.
  • Increases the digestibility and complete digestion.

A field trial was conducted in three different Shrimp ponds in different location and salinities in India. After 4 hours it was found that total ammonia were nil in all the ponds. The graphical representations of results are given below.


300-500 ML / Ha.
(Depending on the stocking density and DOC, after mixing with sand and a little water and is to be applied evenly to cover the complete pond area once in 15 days) Or 1-2.5 Litre / T of feed with a accurate addition and thorough mixing.

500 ML plastic bottle.
Storage & Caution:

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep container closed when not in use.



Used In Following Countries:

  • India



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